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H1-B Visa Status Online

Procedure to Check H1B Visa Status Online

If you apply for an H1-B Visa in the U.S., then the government will give you an online tool. With the help of that online tool, applied candidates can monitor the status of their cases. Also, applicants can contact the attorney or check the petition’s status through mobile – however for many people, utilizing the online tool is more comfortable (and quicker).

How To Check Your H1B Visa Status

Having your receipt number available is important. With the help of your receipt number, applicants check their H-1B visa status online. Your receipt number is a unique, 13-character identifier that the USCIS gives every individual who applies for an H1B Visa. Moreover, you will see your receipt number on the statements of action you get from USCIS. Usually, the receipt number starts with three letters, (for example, EAC, WAC, LIN, SRC, NBC, MSC, or IOE). After the letters, you will discover a 10-digit number. Follow the below-mentioned steps to check your USCIS case status online.

➽First go to USCIS Case Status Search Case Status Online i.e,

➽Next, enter your "receipt number" in the below box.

➽Be sure to enter your 13-digit receipt number correctly as printed on our receipt notice.

➽Further, enter the number without any spaces.

➽The field is not case-sensitive so you can enter your receipt number in all caps or small letters.

➽Finally, click on the "Check Status" button and wait.

Once the page refreshes you will find complete information about your case. Also, you can register for an account to receive e-mail notifications whenever your case status changes.

Moreover, you can check your USCIS case status simply by calling 1 (800) 375-5283. Be sure you have your correct receipt number.

Set Up A USCIS Account?

You should create an account on USCIS's site before you are going to check your case status. For many individuals, signing up for an account makes things simpler; Also, you can sign in and access your history and case status whenever you want. If you have different cases, applications, or petitions, then you can check them all from one central area – and you can see your whole case history. If you have an account, then you can get case updates sent to your email and your telephone, as well.

Checking H1B Visa Status Online Without An Account

You are not needed to bother with an account to check your H-1B visa status online. Just you need your receipt number. Simply enter your receipt number on the USCIS website i.e., to check H-1B Visa Status Online.

In Case, If Your Petition’s Review Is Delayed

While USCIS's review and determination of your petition may take months, you can see your H-1B Visa status online, or even by phone. There can be delays and an immigration attorney can help by checking the H-1B Visa status and perhaps get a delayed application progressing once again.

The USCIS uses various processing centers. The time until the last determination differs among workplaces. Also, you can keep an eye on the typical waiting time of your specific USCIS service center by visiting the USCIS Processing Time site. Generally, the site shows progressively how long the processing of every classification of visa petitions is taking.

H-1B Visa Status Levels

If you are monitoring your H-1B visa status online, then you will see one of several possible H1B visa status conditions. These are mentioned below. Check it once.

Case Was Received and Receipt Notice Emailed: This status indicates that the petition with this case number was selected from the lottery for premium processing and the case has been filed – and that the lawyer or employer has gotten a confirmation through email.

Request for Additional Evidence Mailed: If you see this notification, it implies that the authority evaluating your case needs more information to make a decision. The genuine request is known as a Request for Additional Evidence, or RFE. That request goes to the employer or the lawyer on the case, and the request requires a reply before a specific date (the date is recorded on the RFE). USCIS won't continue processing the case until it gets a reply from the employer or the attorney.

Response to USCIS’ Request for Additional Evidence Received: You will only see this status if USCIS sent a request for extra evidence and your employer or lawyer has reacted. The status just implies that somebody replied to the request – not necessarily that it was totally satisfied. It implies that the employer or lawyer filed extra documentation or supporting materials, yet that doesn't imply that USCIS has all the information it requires to decide on your case; the agency may in any case need more information.

Case Was Approved, and Decision Was Emailed: If your case was filed under premium processing, then you are only able to see this status. Keep in mind, that USCIS only emails notices for those cases; else, it sends correspondence through regular mail. In case you see this status, then it means that your case was approved.

Case Was Approved: If your application was filed under regular processing, then this status implies your case was approved and that USCIS has sent a notice to your employer or attorney.

Decision Notice Mailed:This usually suggests USCIS has denied a petition. In these cases, USCIS gives reasons for refusal – and frequently includes options, (for example, an appeal) you might have the option to use to get your petition moving forward again.

Error: Application Receipt Number Invalid:: If you enter your receipt number wrongly, then you will get this mistake. You should check your receipt number once and attempt again.

Name Was Updated:This status implies that USCIS updated the name on your case. It could be a basic clerical error, however, it is better to check with your attorney if you haven't asked USCIS to change your name.

Fees Will be Refunded:If you see this status, it implies that the employer or your lawyer has filed additional fees that USCIS doesn't need – and that the fees are being returned to the individual who paid them.